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    I am an American living in Denmark, who began a career as a graphic designer. Since I really enjoy the connection with people and capturing their diverse personalities in a natural style, I established my photography studio in 2006.
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    passionate about people
    I love working on a variety of projects. Each scenario is a fresh opportunity to utilise my creativity! Working together with you, realising your needs and creating an idea to tell your unique story!
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    Working with my clients, I use state of the art camera and lighting equipment to deliver the highest quality images and video production. A sharp eye for composition and my detail oriented nature help me to achieve this.
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    I love working together with you, where we enjoy the picturesque and charming location for your photo or video shoot. Creating a comfortable environment where you can be yourself, I capture your true emotions!
My Journey into Photography and Videography

After relocating to Denmark, I discovered a passion for photography when searching for a family portrait photographer in Florida. Stepping into the photographer's studio, I was filled with excitement and wondered if I could pursue this in Denmark.

Encouraged by my husband, I started my own photography business in Copenhagen, with my son as my first model. Over the past 17 years, I have worked hard to learn new skills and expand my services.


To enhance my technical knowledge, I enrolled in a photography course in the UK, gaining confidence in portrait photography and setting up a home studio. I then ventured into outdoor location photography, capturing weddings and confirmations as well as business brand marketing.

In 2017, I took on a videography project for a Nigerian engagement ceremony, despite having no prior experience. My enthusiasm for the project convinced her to take a chance on me. This marked my entry into the world of videography.

To develop my skills further, I attended a video storytelling workshop in Norway. Today, I am proud to offer both photography and videography services.

Though photography and videography were not my initial career plans, I am grateful for the opportunities that have allowed me to capture special moments for my clients. ♥